some small rules

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some small rules

Post  Piplup-Is-Priceless on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:00 pm

(heracross, check these and see if theiur OK)
we have loosened some rules, but kept some

No Godmoding!
No Godmoding in any Roleplay unless the creator and/or the character's creator gives permission. Remember, the topic creator's rules come first! (However watch for when rules clash. Most people hate the thought of other players speaking for their own character(s))

◦Godmoding is forcing any unintended action upon a character not controlled by you. Examples include:
◦Having other's attacks miss all the time
◦Doing literally anything without breaking a sweat (all attacks miss, all attacks hit)
◦Speaking for a character that is not yours
◦Controlling another person's character
◦These are only a few examples of Godmoding
Remember, Godmoding is frowned upon!
Also remember, if you suspect anyone of godmoding, contact a Roleplaying moderator (or a well-respected Roleplayer) and we'll check it out!


•Only join the RPG if your are going to be serious about it, if you do not think you can participate, then please choose a less-important role
•You must play through an RPG completely! Abandoning an RPG is treason! You must close your character's story yourself, or the RPG character will have free grabs to do with your character as he/she wants
•No one wants to join/start an RPG and find out you got bored and left for another RPG! IT'S RUDE!!! Place your full attention into ALL of your RPGs!
I've made at least 5 RPGs, and for all of these, the players got bored and went to a new one. This is fine for rapid-reply RPGs (in Instant Messengers) but not here.
my advice is that some people are form different timezones( i am from the uk), so try to let them keep up

•No Plagiarizing! And Absolutely no Copy RPGs (the same RPG made by two different people). The only way to play a copy RPG is if you ask the original creator if you may use the idea.
The last thing any of us would want, is an RPG that you made, and someone else copied it. If someone has done this, let us know as soon as possible! We don't want another member taking credit for your RPG!
•If you did get permission, a thanks to the original creator, a quote from him on a PM, or -something- stating that he has given you permission to run his/her RPG, MUST be placed in your first post! The original creator will be able to say if you're lying, so if you did not get permission, you're caught either way!

•No Flaming or changing the RPG into a "Get this *member*!" Topic
Best way to put this is, all of your characters suddenly attack a certain member's character, making the RPG hard for the particular player, or killing his/her character for no reason.
•Also, please dont refuse a person's application just because they refused you in a different RPG. This is discrimination. Be the better player and look at all applications, even from the person who refused you from his/her RPG.

•All RPGs are Required to have:

◦A Backstory (A story that leads up to the RPG's present)
◦The Creator's Guidelines or Rules (They should NOT conflict with the official rules)
◦A Character Signup Sheet

•Be grammatically correct and with your highest possible spelling in your posts, this will stop confusion, and let the RPG run smoother (and stop people from asking what you said)

◦Not sure why you're not considered a quality Roleplayer? It's because you don't put quality in your posts!
◦Quality Roleplayers go through their posts multiple times before submitting it, and if they notice a problem, fix it right away.
◦Don't post so soon after the last post, doing so can say that you're not putting much thought into your post. Take some time to read all the posts beforehand to know where you are in the RPG
◦Don't post like you're a 2nd grader here, you will do all of your English teachers proud by typing in an adult manner

We have scrubbed rid of the 5 sentance, 7 line rule, which would lighten the load on less experienced rpgers.

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Re: some small rules

Post  Scizor67 on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:22 pm


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